Product Licencing

We are adding a license manager ( Product Licensing ) to our all premium products. This article will go through how this can be beneficial for you.

We are very happy today to announce that we have added a new feature & functionality for all premium themes/plugins. We have worked hard to bring automatic updater service on our premium themes/plugins just for you.

Licensing & auto-updates for premium themes/plugins are two different terms. Here, you need to understand “Licence Key” refers to the key that you need to activate our premium themes/plugin. Auto-update is updated/upgrade that you will get right at your WordPress dashboard.

Why you need to Activate Licence ?

Once you activated the Licence to our product then you will automatically get our updates and auto-updates features will be enabled for the future. You do not need to update our premium theme file and do manual updates anymore.

What happens if you will not activate Licence?

The most important factor, to get auto-updates/upgrades enabled on our premium themes/plugins you will need to have the license key valid & active.

Non-active, expired & wrong license premium theme/plugins are not eligible for auto-updates & updates in the future.

What If you have used Licence in your localhost / subdomain

okay, if you have used your license key in your localhost or in your subdomain then do not worry.

Simply you can log in to our Everest Store Dashboard, and under License Manager, you can deactivate the used key and reuse it to your actual site.